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Collegium Bible Institute The International Discipleship School For The Saints
Program Profile
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Necessary for ministry integrity as well as an environment for good relationships GIFTING DEVELOPMENT We provide a safe platform where spiritual gifts can be practiced KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT Clear and concise lessons to develop a biblical knowledge of God RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT Build and maintain relationships with God and humanity through understanding human behavior
Join us as we begin a new school year! Are you wondering why you are here? Are you curious about who you really are? Are you aware you are called but are not sure what to do next? We have a program that will assist you in answering all of those questions and more. We are serious about developing leaders that will impact the world for the glory of God! Our program is uniquely qualified to put you on the path to your created purpose.
The result will be a man or woman of God that will be able to do deep study and delivery of biblical material to any crowd. This program will provide the catalyst that you need to advance to spiritual levels beyond your imagination. Your faith will be fortified as you are challenged in your intellect, resulting in a solid biblical foundation being constructed upon which you will be able to stand for your entire life!
Discipleship: The Wise Choice
Collegium Bible
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